Your part in the study

Learn what’s expected of you in the study, the benefits of signing up, and how to withdraw.

Your part in the study

Once you agree to participate in the Dynamic-AI study, we’ll start collecting your information automatically. You won’t need to do anything else.

Benefits and risks of joining

Contributing to this study may include the following benefits:

  • Providing valuable information that we hope will help improve the care of people with COPD
  • A better understanding of how AI can be used in healthcare

We cannot be certain of these benefits until we have completed the study.

Other benefits of the study may also include:

  • Academic benefits to the research team
  • Commercial benefits for our partners in this study, some of which will return to NHS Scotland

There are no anticipated personal risks involved in you joining this study.

The insights/highlights generated by the AI computer system about your health and COPD will be reviewed by the research team. We would contact you about these insights if they suggest that you might benefit from a check-in with the clinical team, review of your self-management plan or changes to your COPD care.

Joining and leaving

You can join the study by invitation only through the COPD digital support service app.

You do not have to take part in this study. If you choose not to join, it will not have any impact on the quality of your care and you’ll still be able to use the COPD digital support service.

Read more about joining Dynamic-AI.

You can withdraw from the study at any point without giving a reason. If you withdraw, we will not collect any more of your information. We will keep information you have already provided so we can make sure the study is running safely and transparently.

If you wish to withdraw consent, please contact us through the COPD digital support service app or via email