About this service

The NHS Scotland COPD Support Service helps you manage your COPD and communicate with doctors using a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

How the service works

The NHS Scotland COPD Support Service helps you and your doctors manage your COPD. You can monitor your symptoms through daily questions, and message doctors through the app.

Your doctors can view the information you provide. They’ll use it to assess your risk of flare-ups and help you avoid hospital stays.

Symptom diary

We’ll send you daily text message reminders to tell us about your symptoms.

Use the app to answer questions about how you’re feeling each day. You can use this to help you keep track of your COPD symptoms.

Our clinical team can see your answers to these questions at your appointments and when you contact them. They’ll use the information you give to help understand your needs.

Messaging service

Use the app to securely message your clinical team.

You can message the clinical team for:

  • advice about your COPD and self-management
  • help with any of your COPD equipment
  • help with your appointments

Responses from the clinical team are not instant. The team will only review messages during routine clinical hours.

If you need urgent medical attention, you should:

  • go to the NHS Inform website
  • contact your GP
  • phone NHS 111

If it’s an emergency, phone 999.


Use the app to find advice about assessing your own symptoms and what to do if you have noticed any changes

You can also view your regular inhalers and rescue medications, such as antibiotics (if you have been prescribed them).

Fitbit integration

If you have a Fitbit, you can sync it with the COPD Support Service. Your clinical team can access this data to help assess how you're recovering after a flare-up, as well as checking your overall activity levels.

Follow the instructions on Fitbit setup to connect your device.

Supporting clinical care

This service is not a replacement for local clinical and care services. It should be used alongside routine healthcare check-ups.

How your data is used

The COPD Support Service is safe and secure, and your information can only be seen by your healthcare professionals.

The service is operated via Lenus Health, a digital health platform from Storm ID. Learn more about Lenus Health.

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