Join the Dynamic-AI study

Dynamic-AI is available by invitation only for people with COPD in Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Join the Dynamic-AI study

You can join the Dynamic-AI study by invitation only. We’re currently inviting people who are registered with the COPD digital support service with COPD and living in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde region.

Before you join the study, we need your permission to access and use your information. By providing your permission, you will automatically join the study.


In your COPD app, you’ll see a yellow banner at the top of the screen. Select ‘Find out more about this study’.


Read the information carefully and make sure you understand what’s required from you as part of the study.


The final page then asks you to confirm you’ve read and understood the information provided, and to give your consent should you wish to take part in the study. You can also request to find out more.


All done! You don’t need to do anything else. We’ll send you an email to confirm that you’re signed up.

Once you’re set up, we’ll start using your information to run our artificial intelligence models.