About the study

Find out more about the study, including how it works and who’s running it.

About Dynamic-AI

We’re running a study to find out if computer-based problem solving, or artificial intelligence (AI), can help us care for patients with COPD.

Why AI?

We collect a lot of health information, and it’s difficult and time consuming for us to analyse it.

We plan to use AI to sort through this information quickly and accurately, and pass insights to the clinical team.

This will give us more time to spend with patients.

Purpose of the study

The study aims to use AI to help doctors make decisions about patient care. Computer systems will use health information to detect health patterns and make predictions.

We are running this study to:

  • Find out if we can use AI to identify possible changes in the health of people with COPD
  • Understand how AI can be used in the future to improve COPD management

The clinical team will still be responsible for making decisions about patient care. They will use AI as a tool to help them predict patient health.

Study length

The study will run until January 2025. Once the study ends, we may continue using parts of the AI system. The core COPD digital support service (including patient app) will continue.

We will write to all participants at the end of the study to explain whether the AI insights part of the service will continue as routine clinical care or be discontinued.

Who’s running the study

The research team includes: 

  • Chief investigator Dr Chris Carlin, consultant respiratory physician at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHS GG&C) 
  • Co-investigator Dr Anna Taylor, Clinical Research Fellow (NHS GG&C) 
  • Colleagues in respiratory, intensive care, and emergency medicine at NHS GG&C 
  • Lenus Health Ltd and Storm ID, who are commercial partners for the AI modelling, technology, and analysis part of the study 

Data from the study will be analysed by the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics at the University of Glasgow as part of the evaluations of the study results.

More information for patients

Find out more about the study in the participant information sheet.